30 Jul 2009

Kemira's paper chemicals business struggles on

Kemira announced their first half 2009 results - as is the norm for this sector at the present time, sales decreased - Kemira's overall sales decreased by 5% for the period April-June, 2009 - as customer demand decreased.

For the paper business its seems to be a trend to using hyperbole (eg Clariant's use of the word MASSIVE) - For Kemira, 'The paper segment's revenue in April-June shrank by 8% to EUR221.6 million as demand in customer industries PLUMMETED.'

If interested in the detail, see the Kemira web site. What is refreshing about Kemira is that their business is transparent and unlike some companies (eg Clariant, BASF/Ciba, Ashland) it is possible to see exactly how their paper chemicals business is performing.

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