15 Jul 2009

After 65 years Buckman adjusts its brand

Buckman Laboratories has announced that it will 'rebrand' itself, shed the 'laboratories' and become Buckman. In an announcement which resembles a rite of passage, Buckman has decided to shorten its name and recognise, 'Its growth from a small laboratory selling a few chemicals to a global supplier .......... ' C'est la vie. For the skeptic, this is just one of those meaningless and costly exercises. For the branding enthusiast it is a chance to refresh the message given to customers.

Buckman is undergoing changes and was a fully grown company many years ago. In the last few years it has faced challenges so perhaps now is the time to go for it and drop the Laboratories! Most of us knew the company as Buckman anyway so loosing the long name is a help!

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